RECESS is a streetwear turned lifestyle brand I co-founded in the summer of 2016 and in the spring of 2018, it was officially launched into the world. This passion project turned business is by far the most challenging (and continues to be) project I’ve worked on. From concept to production, to nearly having no money for groceries because we self-funded this project, #thestrugglewasreal, but super worth it. A recent achievement with RECESS is that it was featured in the spring issues of GQ. Currently, it’s a two person company run by me and my husband that we hope to expand in the future. You can visit our webshop at: All of our outwear is made by a small manufacturer in Portugal and all tees and long sleeves are made with organic cotton and fair-trade. We believe that as a (small) business, it’s important to be responsible and aware of what you put out into the world.